Make it RAIN!… Crypto? 🤔

Hello BreakIN Gang! Summer has flown by and everyone in school is gearing up to go back! 😕 In the first half of 2021, we saw investors back up the brinks trucks into the crypto verse with record amounts of crypto blockchain focused firms and startups raising a record amounts of funding. Fundraising in crypto/blockchainContinue reading “Make it RAIN!… Crypto? 🤔”

Crypto is Freedom

Oh Land of the free and the home of the brave! What a story. Please watch and listen to my sentiments on the American holiday. God Bless this developed Nation and developing relations in this nation. The journey continues. Subscribe to BreakinCrypto and BreakintotheFuture Show below Sincerely, Joshua C. Taylor BreakIN Gang

Mama… I broke in!!! #breakincrypto

Level 1: Crypto Baby After 800 + reach outs, 50 + calls and several applications… I broke into crypto! I first found out about Bitcoin in the Spring of 2016 reading an investment research paper talking about how you can buy Satoshis (fractions of a bitcoin, like pennies of a dollar) but I had NOContinue reading “Mama… I broke in!!! #breakincrypto”

Why do we need banks anyway?

Level 1: Crypto Baby Hey BreakinCrypto Nation! I am up early at 3:02 am Central standard time and thought I’d share a short story with you all. For the past 5 years, I’ve been running a tech startup with my older brother, Gordon Taylor. It’s been an amazing five years and learned more than IContinue reading “Why do we need banks anyway?”

El Salvador just did WHATTTT?! 😳

ME: Yes it’s happened. Also me: What happened?  ME: It happened! 🤪 Also me: WHAT HAPPENED?! 😡 El Salvador literally passed a Bill making Bitcoin the legal tender of their country and mandating it for merchants to exchange in the crypto currency. Oh yea, it gets better. Other Latin countries have joined in these talks toContinue reading “El Salvador just did WHATTTT?! 😳”

Why was Bitcoin created?

Level: Crypto Baby Hello World! I am sure you’ve heard of the word “Bitcoin” this year almost as much as you’ve heard COVID19 (Ok fine maybe 1/3 of that). However, one thing is for certain, Bitcoin is certainly getting global attention making headlines on a daily basis. Maybe you’re asking yourself, “What is all thisContinue reading “Why was Bitcoin created?”

Why you should join BreakinCrypto! :)

Joshua C. Taylor5 days ago·2 min read Do you know what cryptocurrency really is? If not, you should join BreakinCrypto. Do you know what a blockchain is? If not, you should join BreakinCrypto. Do you know of any other cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and Shiba? If not, you should join BreakinCrypto. Are youContinue reading “Why you should join BreakinCrypto! :)”