Make it Rain Crypto Pt. 2

Hello everyone and happy new year! It’s been a while, but we are back and better than ever – ready for weekly content for us to learn and grow together in crypto and the future of the internet (web3). What a year cryptocurrency and the web3 world had in 2021. At the top of 2021,Continue reading “Make it Rain Crypto Pt. 2”

Mama… I broke in!!! #breakincrypto

Level 1: Crypto Baby After 800 + reach outs, 50 + calls and several applications… I broke into crypto! I first found out about Bitcoin in the Spring of 2016 reading an investment research paper talking about how you can buy Satoshis (fractions of a bitcoin, like pennies of a dollar) but I had NOContinue reading “Mama… I broke in!!! #breakincrypto”