El Salvador just did WHATTTT?! 😳

ME: Yes it’s happened.

Also me: What happened? 

ME: It happened! 🤪

Also me: WHAT HAPPENED?! 😡

El Salvador literally passed a Bill making Bitcoin the legal tender of their country and mandating it for merchants to exchange in the crypto currency.

Shoutout to Techtictok for the dope image #Source

Oh yea, it gets better. Other Latin countries have joined in these talks to see how they can access cryptocurrency as a method of payment and more importantly store of value as their national currencies have been substantially getting crushed. 

  1. What does this mean for others countries across world and the US dollar being the world reserve currency?
  2. What are implications of this? Is this good, bad, who cares? 
  3. Who is effected and who stands to gain the most by doing this? 

Please explain this to me because it seems too good to be true and kind of scary to be honest. 😫

Don’t worry I’ll be back Monday to explain it all! 

It might be a lengthier post so get out your glasses, pencil and pad…. It’s going to be FUN! 🤪😤🚀👨🏽‍🚀


Joshua C. Taylor 


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