Alright let’s cut the $DOGE Mania

Breakin Level: Crypto Baby

I am going to explain what man’s best friend, DOGECOIN is, in a quick and simple fashion. 

  1. DOGECOIN was created as a joke.
  2. DOGECOIN has no current use case or intrinsic value.
  3. If DOGECOIN goes to zero today, the total market capitalization of the cryptocurrency will still be well over a trillion dollars.
  4. The top 10 holders of DOGECOIN own over 40% of the total market capitalization. The top holder owns almost 30%. 
  5. DOGECOIN has an infinite supply similar to the $USD being consistently “Printed”. Where’s the value in that if it goes on forever and ever?
  6. DOGECOIN is a prime example of the gambling occurring in the markets.
  7. DOGECOIN shows how far people are being pushed to take more risk #cashistrash.
  8. Easy money + easy returns = BIG price drops.

BUT…. What if people around the world see DOGECOIN as a true value of exchange and pay for items in DOGE?… Then it COULD be used as a currency we use that is exchangeable with other currencies.

Will this happen…. WHO KNOWS! 🤷🏽‍♂️ Stay Tuned.

P.S. “Please only invest in crypto in which you can afford to lose. This is NOT financial advice and these views are MY OWN.”

Choose wisely my friends and join to stay up to date with what’s going and truly break into the Cryptoverse.


Joshua C. Taylor 💯🔥❤️

2 thoughts on “Alright let’s cut the $DOGE Mania

    1. Advantages – the ability to invest early like a Venture capitalists, be a shareholder and apart of the community of future use cases

      Disadavantages – very early days, a lot of Coins missing true business use cases and are half put together or dont have the pieces in places. alot of crap coins will die.


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